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Alex in The White Card @ Penumbra Theatre, February-March 2020

Mozart in Amadeus @Gremlin Theatre, April-May 2020

Recent reviews:

Small Mouth Sounds @ The Jungle Theater

"Eisenberg gives a fascinating voiceover performance, solidifying his place as one of the most iconic local voices around."

- Compendium Minneapolis

"Jay Owen Eisenberg, in a pricelessly affected vocal performance as a wizened, asthmatic crone whose biorhythms have clearly hit a triple-low."

- Pioneer Press

"Jay Owen Eisenberg brings rich vocal expression to the role of the unseen facilitator, giving the character’s voice a demagogic edge."

- Lavender Magazine

Hedwig and the angry inch @ Theater latte da

"He has stiff competition from the marvelous, slow-burning Jay Owen Eisenberg as Hedwig’s husband, Yitzhak."

- Minnpost

"The play runs on the emotional undercurrent of Hedwig’s relationship with her harried husband, Yitzhak, and in that role a winning Jay Owen Eisenberg immediately has our hearts."

- Citypages

"Eisenberg is no slouch; when Yitzhak’s vocals are finally allowed out of the wig box and into the spotlight (it’s a plot thing), Eisenberg grabs the vocal spotlight."

- Twin Cities Arts Reader

"Jay Owen Eisenberg makes Hedwig’s abused assistant an island of unvarnished humanity on a stage full of big, booming emotions."

- Pioneer Press